Removal of all crushed rock from insulation
board on an IRMA roof system.
Removal of all non-embedded dirt and pea-
gravel or slag. This leaves the roof 100%
clean necessary for resaturant, urethane or
coatings. Controlling your environment from
pitch and tar dust is well managed with

Going Great Lengths In Industrial
and Commercial Roof Preparation,
While Bringing You Cost Efficient Service
For Your Needs

Roof Vac Plus is the first choice in removing rock for your reroof projects. Whether its ballast river rock, or pea gravel from built up roofs, Roof Vac Plus is the upper Midwest leader.

With an experienced staff and nothing but the best equipment, even the biggest toughest jobs are a breeze. With good help and good equipment that allows us to be the fastest, most economical vac service in the region.

For a free quote call Paul at: 608-780-5906.

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